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Make:   Opel

Model:  Corsa A (mk.2)

Year:    1991

Owner:  Pat McEntegart (jnr)

This car was bought by Pat in 2006, it is an Opel Corsa A more commonly referred to as a Nova. They were an extremely popular car around the early 90ís however many fell foul to harsh lives, they became the beloved vehicle of modifiers which quickly eliminated all the original cars which had missed the terrible rust associated with the car.

This particular car has only had two owners from new including Pat, when bought in 2006 it showed only 26,000 miles on the clock. The previous owner was an elderly gentleman who informed Pat that he had only ever driven it into town and to the local shop and had never taken it out in the rain, proven by the paper stickers which were still beneath the car.

When pat first seen the car it was in the gentelmans garage beneath a cover with carboard covering its wheels and inside seat covers which had been present since new. It is because of this care we see the car in such immaculate condition, its bodywork, interior, and engine are perfect and the car is basically as new.


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