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Make:   Austin

Model:  Eight

Year:    1947

Owner:  Seamus Langan


I bought this car in August 1997 after looking at it in a private garage in Dublin, it had just been brought in from England , after taking it on a 5 day run 700 miles around the East, South and West of Ireland I decided to o/haul the steering and springs during the winter Months of that year.

I used the car for next couple of years attending car shows in Ireland and Wales and a few family weddings.

In late September of 2002 I decided to strip the car completely ,all paint work removed down to bear metal, interior stripped out and engine gearbox ,petrol tank front axle ,doors and wings removed.

All bodywork inside and out primed and 3 coats of black applied to primed metal by myself with the final coat applied by a local paint shop

The car was rebuilt  using overhauled engine and gearbox and new wiring loom, new running boards. and road tested in the first week of May 2003





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