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Owner:    Éamonn Clinton

Make:       Erskine

Model:      50J

Year:        1927





This is a 1927 Erskine Roadster Model 50J with rumble seat.
There are only seven known to exist worldwide.

In the Mid-twenties, Albert Russel Erskine,
President of the Studebaker Corporation, came to the decision
that the world automobile market would shortly demand a car of
the European type, built to the standards of the fine American car.


After exhaustive investigation both abroad and in this country,
followed by the building of 15 experimental chassis and bodies
and countless road tests at Studebaker's million dollar proving ground,
a remarkable new-type car evolved by Studebaker engineers.
Because Mr. Erskine was primarily responsible for the development
of this evolutionary new car, the board of directors of
the Studebaker Corporation unanimously decreed that it should
be named the "Erskine Six".

Albert Russel Erskine

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